Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Highlights

As we begin this edition of our blog, where we highlight special happenings throughout our Spring, we want to begin by wishing all Dominicans, Preachers, Truth Seekers, Catherine's and our very own Katherine a very Happy Feast of Catherine of Siena!
In addition to the Dominican Feast, we are continuing the celebration of Easter. On behalf of the CDN, receive our warmest wishes!  May the HOPE of the Resurrection be with you always! 
Christ is Risen, Truly He is Risen Indeed! 

We had the grand delight gained from the deep insight attained from our Dominican Family during our conversation regarding the vow of poverty! Our gratitude is extended to Father Don Goergen, O.P and Brother Vincent Davila, O.P., as well as Dominican Sisters of Springfield Beth Murphy, O.P, Loyola Miller, O.P and Sister Habiba Bihnam Toma, O.P. Dominican Sisters of Catherine of Siena in Iraq. 

Our Easter Triduum was very special with our Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. The serenity and peace of The Mound, created the perfect spiritual atmosphere to contemplate on The Paschal Mystery and the passion and joy shared by the Dominicans Sisters was contagious and lead to an exciting celebration of The Resurrection! Thank you Sisters for your warm welcome and amazing hospitality! You made our Triduum an unforgettable one. 

We had a dynamic group of Dominicans join us for a candid discussion on the vow of obedience. From the bottom of our hearts, we are very grateful to Father Greg Heille, O.P., Br. Samuel Hakeem, O.P., Sr.Sr. Susan Leslie, O.P.(Dominican Sisters of Peace), Sr. Kathleen Tuite, O.P. (Dominican Sisters of Caldwell) and Sr. Mary Jones, O.P. (Adrian Dominican Sisters.) Thank you for your time, sharing and insight on the vow!

One week, over 3,000 miles, and countless memories! We had a wonderful experience visiting the various Dominican Sisters in the East Coast! Following is a video with our scrapbook from our journey. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Jesus Is Still Feeding Us Today

An Easter Message from the Collaborate Dominican Novitiate. Please let me know what you think in the comment section!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Discipleship: Fan into a Flame, don’t Blow it out

Blog by Margaret Uche
We just had a workshop at our intercommunity novitiate on the theology of mission with Tony Gittins, CSSp.
We spent two days learning about discipleship. We were asked the question of the meaning of discipleship. I learned that discipleship is God’s mission shared with Jesus Christ as His follower. In order to be a disciple I have to first encounter or be called by God. And I can not love until that encounter and then I have to answer the call. The aim, he said, is to become a teacher for others.

I was reminded that I must listen and learn God’s words. I must be willing to be out of place, to be different, to be out of my comfort-zone, to become a stranger because Jesus was treated the same way. There is a disturbing quality about the urgency of Jesus call to be His disciple, it shakes the foundation, that one called who wants a quiet life is bound to resist. I learned mission has me not the other way around. I will find myself where I will not want to go, but it is not my control, it blows me where it will.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means encountering others. It is through the Power of the Holy Spirit that I can go out there encounter others not by coercion or force but my own willingness to be servant to others and thereby announce the Good News of Jesus Christ to the community.

I was reminded of my ministry experience at a school where I encounter adolescent youths of different ages
and backgrounds. It has been such a rewarding experience to be of service to them during my weekly
ministry. I have been encouraged to discover the qualities and witness to the gifts each brings. I feel that the students appreciate my presence and the help I provide. Just being there for them and doing whatever I can to help them has been a joy for me.

In second Timothy (2 Tim 1:6), we hear St. Paul say that discipleship comes with hardships but I must stir into flame that gift God has given me. Jesus is telling me that to be His disciple, I must do it with courage, crossing the boundaries, taking risk, and touching others life. As one in religious life, I am to be a witness to the Risen Christ in the world.