Saturday, June 2, 2012

Food for the Journey

As I sit here in the silence of my room, I wonder what I can say that hasn't already been said.  What a gift, what a blessing this year has been!  How much God loves me!  I have resisted where once I was afraid to trod, and I have received graces upon grace to embrace that which I have yet to see. 

My congregation has supported me through prayer, visits and a variety of communication means.  My novitiate community has stood by me when I thought I could go no further.  My family and friends helped make more firm the foundation on which I stood before I entered our novitiate.  And this year, I have been ever more blessed to see the gift of our larger Dominican family.  With all the food I have received for my journey, it is with a grateful heart and a more peaceful spirit, that I say "yes" to God, trusting I will continue to receive all I need, when I need it, for the journey I feel invited to follow.

May God bless you for your guidance, support, and belief in our Novitiate.


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