Friday, December 6, 2013

My End of Year Top Ten List

As Christmas break fast approaches and we prepare to head off to our Motherhouses, we novices have been reflecting on what we have learned and how we have changed since coming to the CDN in August.  So, here is my version of David Letterman’s Top Ten List of “What I Believe and/or What I Have Learned”.  This list is certainly not exhaustive…

 10) I believe “letting go” … of things, of habits, of behaviors … does not mean letting go of responsibility for my thoughts, emotions or actions.  In the
       same vein, I believe that I will never be open to new possibilities if I approach them
       with clenched fists.
   9) I have learned that St. Catharine, Kentucky, and Springfield and River Forest, Illinois are gorgeous places where beautiful and unbelievably hospitable women and men work and reside.     
             8) I believe chocolate really is one way God let’s us know we are loved. I have also been told and have come to believe that because chocolate is made from a bean, which grows on a tree, it must be a vegetable and is, therefore, good for you. So bring it on.
7) I have learned that living in a diverse community of intelligent, loving women has
    enriched my life in ways I never expected. 
6) I believe that being a risk taker in the most positive sense of the term can open windows
    and doors to unbelievable opportunities, people and experiences.  And I am so grateful
    for every single one of every single one of them.
5) I have learned that when I am willing to take a leap of faith, I will either be taught to fly 
    or will be caught by God in my fall.
4) I believe in the power of affirmation and in the grace of gratitude.
    I believe there is no limit to how big one’s heart can grow.
3) I am learning what it means to be Dominican and what exactly that means in the context of   
    living the vows of obedience, celibacy, and poverty/simplicity.
2) I am learning how to preach but I am also learning that our most  powerful preaching is 
    done by example, in how we live our lives.
1) Number One Belief:  We are loved by God beyond our wildest imagination and we have 
    been loved and held up by all of you “out there”.  We are so extremely grateful for that love 
    and support. Peace and Blessings to each of you during this holy season of Advent!
Now tell me, what would your Top Ten list of learnings/beliefs include?





  1. I have also learned that apparently I don't yet know how to set margins.

  2. mdavisop@oppeace.orgTuesday, December 10, 2013

    Thank you Kathy for that thought provoking question - during the next 3 weeks I will begin to reflect on my Top Ten list!! May you, your community and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Love, Margie

  3. WOW!!!! This is beautiful, insightful, and inspiring. Plus, #8 indicates that you are learning SO MUCH in the novitiate. Advent joy my dear sister, Peggy Ryan, OP