Friday, May 23, 2014

In Memory...


      As you know, this blog is our (the novices) effort at keeping any interested reader updated as to to life in the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate; to answer questions and shed some light on what the novitiate is like for each of us.
      Truth be told, this is a year like no other.  It is quite real but, at the same time, a bit surreal.  And, truth be told, life 'out there' marches on, regardless of what is happening in our lives or in our discernment.
      We were reminded of that this past week with the shocking news that Sr. Jean Meier, CSJ, Psy.D. - the woman who facilitated our monthly house meetings, who guided us in workshops on transitions, self-awareness, on the way in which family history and dynamics affect and form each of us in some way - unexpectedly passed away on the day we were to have our last facilitated house meeting.  I was so looking forward to meeting with Jean, as were my sister novices and our Directors.
      I wanted to tell Jean how much she has meant to me this year; how grateful I am for the many ways she gently taught me to recognize and speak my truth and to acknowledge and listen to the truths of others.  I was hoping to ask her some questions about transitioning from St. Louis to a new environment.  I was hoping to give her a hug, to tell her 'thank you'.
      The May 22 evening reading from I John 2:24-27 seems so apropos now: "Let what you heard from the beginning remain in you."
                Jean, we will never forget you or what you've taught us.
      With deep gratitude, we thank God for your life and service, and pray that God's loving mercy and compassion eases the pain felt by your sisters, your family, your friends and colleagues.


  1. Know that we are remembering Sr. Jean and all of you in heart and prayer! May our loving God grant her peace and help ease the pain that you all are experiencing.
    Michelle Sherliza, OP ~ Christine McManus, OP - Dominican Sisters and Associates of Peace ~ Watertown, MA

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of Sr. Jean - Know that each of you are in my thoughts and prayers!! Margie Davis, OP

  3. We all mourn the unexpected loss of Sr. Jean. She has helped countless religious. May eternal peace be hers and peace of mind and heart to each of you. Gemma

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  5. What a shocker! Sr. Jean was stellar. May she savor Eternal Peace. I feel sorry for your loss-each of you are in my prayers as you transition to the place you are meant to serve at this juncture of your life journey.