Saturday, February 28, 2015


Those who know me well, know that I LOVE the color purple.  It can be found on my shoes, sheets, water bottle, pajamas, backpack, pens and much more.  So, when I came home from mass this evening and found this outside my bedroom door with a little note from one of my fellow novices it certianly caught my eye.

Then I took this picture and I was struck by the imagery of a slightly cracked door and a mat outside if it said welcome...take off your shoes....come on in......  Seems to me like that's the invitation we have from God during this Lenten season too.

Maybe this Lent is your opportunity to lay out the welcome mat for yourself take a long, loving look at your heart.
Do you need to do some room by room re-organizing?
Do you simply need to be at home with who you are as a welcomed daughter or son of God?

Maybe you need to "leave something at the door" and enter into a new doorway ready to be embraced by our loving and compassionate God.

The Good News is that while our doors may open and close......God's door is ALWAYS open and the welcome mat will ALWAYS be rolled out for YOU!  God knows just what color to make your welcome mat too!


  1. Well done Kelly!
    Connie Kelly, OP

  2. Good reminder that God is always there waiting for us -- all we need to do is turn to God and accept God's love and mercy.
    Love and blessings, Loyola

  3. A long loving look a the real...the real and tender Mercy always waiting for us...a good reminder of the power of pausing and its necessity - especially in this season. Thank you my, sister. Elyse Marie

  4. Thanks, Kelly. Good Lenten reflection! Cathy