Saturday, April 25, 2015

"B" Who You are Meant to "B" and you will set the world on FIRE!

I learned at one of our recent Inter Community Novitiate sessions with Fr. Ron Rohlheiser on the topic of celibacy and sexuality that the greek philosophers used to say "we are FIRED into life with a madness that comes from the gods and that this energy is the root of all love, hate , creativity, joy and sadness." We have had many experiences at the CDN lately that have fueled this FIRE!
Kelly and her mom, Cindy, celebrating thier Birthdays

My mom and I are "a couple" years and day apart so we enjoyed celebrating our birthday together at the CDN with the members of our house and a few guests.  We actually had another good reason to CELEBRATE.  All those present at this celebration were part of the Pre-Race Pasta Party the night before the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon that myself, Cindy, Christin and some other young nuns were running in the morning. 

Clare, Kelly, Sarah, Symphonie, Cindy, Christin in our matching 13.Nun shirts
(13.Nun is a play on the distance of 13.1 miles)

We were FIRED up for our intercongregational, mutli-vocational run through the streets of St. Louis with a couple thousand others.  Every blister was worth the great memories that were made.
Butterflies have been symbols of life and joy to many generation in Mexico I learned as I strolled through the butterfly exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo recently.  So parhaps it is the like the flutter of the wings of a butterfly that kindle that FIRE within us each and every day.  Most especially as Spring comes upon on this time of year.
Whether we are celebrating Birthdays, nursing our Blisters, or being attentive to the Butterflies that God sends us at just the right moment; let us all remember the words of St. Catherine of Sienna, "Be Who are meant to Be and you will set the world on FIRE!"
Happy Spring!

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