Monday, August 24, 2015

A new year begins

Sisters Quincy Howard and Nicole Reich


                           We are the new novices for the CDN for 2015-2016. Welcome to this year's blog!

      The arch welcoming us

We are at the end of Day 12 in St. Louis (but who's counting?). Quincy and I have been learning what to expect this coming year with orientation about the Novitiate, about the house, at Aquinas Institute, and with possible ministries. We have had introductions to community living, "Dominican Praise", and preaching--in Springfield. We have chosen our directors, our nights to cook, and our chores (it's a big house for only four people). But don't think it's only been work...

Mary Ann handed us over and we marked our coming together by potting plants with dirt from the Mound mixed with nutrients from here.
Quincy, Mary Ann, Nicole

We ate the world's smallest sundae.

We visited the Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

We blessed the house

We visited St. Charles for the Festival of the Little Hills and while we were there we were given a tour of the Shrine to St. Rose Philippine Duschesne by Sr. Juliet Mousseau.

We even had some time to decorate our rooms.
These days have been packed but we have also had some time for reflection to help us transition into this new place and this new life. Soon we will be on a little more of a schedule (classes start tomorrow) and we will be posting regularly every other week. So keep an eye out for new happenings and new insights!

Blessings from your Novices,
Quincy and Nicole


  1. Best to both of you & your new community with Joye & Megan! Be assured of my prayers as you go through this time in your formation.

  2. What great memories your post and pictures stir up, Nicole and Quincy! Never forget that you (all four of you) are being constantly supported … in thought, mind, heart and prayer! Love you all! - Kathy

  3. This is a message from your sister in California. I am so happy to see your pictures so I can hold you visually in my daily prayers. Glad to see that fun is part of your introduction to St Louis. Keep that balance in your life!

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  5. Great to hear from you. I was looking forward to your blog, as I keep looking forward to the ones coming this year. You brought back great memories. :-)
    Remembering the first few days, I recall sweet memories, like the ones you mention above, except one: saying good bye-s to our CFR-s. I saw one of the novices in tears, but I still did not get the message. Then everyone went to the porch [where we often used to eat, and let the mosquitos eat us], and said our good bye-s to the CFR-s. I was so clueless. That was the time we said good bye until November. Since then, I learned how to be present to each and every moment :-) I wish you the same, be present and open, and this year will be a meaningful one. I, too, and our community is also holding all of you in our prayers. Blessings, Bea

  6. Please know that we both are holding you in our hearts and prayers during this very special year. We think that VISITING WATERTOWN, MA should be added to your "class schedule". Know you are always welcome!
    Michelle Sherliza, OP - Chris McManus, OP - Watertown, Massachusetts

  7. Thanks for your sharing. Blessings in each and every moment, Nicole and Quincy, Megan and Joye!
    Peace, Cathy Arnold, OP