Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Break Travelogue Part III

 Happy National Catholic Sisters Week!

Yesterday (Tue) we were fortunate enough to spend part of the day at the United Nations. We met Sr. Margaret Mayce at her office in New York City and then the three of us, plus the Dominican Volunteer working with her, all headed over for the talks that were being held for International Women's Day. It was exciting to be at the UN for such an event.

Don't we look official

It was pretty cool to go down and sit on the main floor

Planet 50/50
The Perfect Pint for lunch

After a late lunch with the two of them we went to the 9/11 memorial and museum. A powerful experience to say the least.

Today (Wed) was another very full day with another two mother houses. We spent an absolutely beautiful day in Ossining, NY. We had been to Ossining before. We spent a week at Maryknoll's Mission Institute this past summer and while there visited Mariandale so this was familiar territory; it was nice to be back.

First stop was Mariandale to visit the Hope sisters. We learned about some of their history, especially about the experience of founding Hope. We then took part of a tour of the grounds before lunch. Only a couple of the Hope sisters live at Mariandale but a good number of them were kind enough to drive in to have lunch with us. After lunch we finished our outdoor tour (including their bee condos).

Fulfilled my front door picture and Quincy's statue picture in one shot

Inside the chapel

The founding communities

The labyrinth
In the mid 70's today it felt, and was looking like, spring

From Mariandale it was a hop, skip, and a jump over to Maryknoll. This wasn't so much an educational stop as it was a social one since we had spent so much time there over the summer. We were happy to have a short visit with a couple of the sisters we know. It was really nice to be back.

The front door

The chapel

One of the garden's just starting to show some life

We finished the day by driving to Connecticut to have supper with a friend of Quincy's (and her two little kids). We couldn't get over how it was such a nice day and such a pretty part of the country. Perfect for a drive.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to the wonderful hospitality of the Blauvelt sisters and head to New Jersey for the next round of visits!


  1. Enjoy seeing those FRONT DOOR pictures! Praying for safe travels - enjoy!
    Michelle and Chris

  2. What a great opportunity to be at UN for International Women's Day! Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great opportunity to be at UN for International Women's Day! Thank you for sharing.