Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Break Travelogue Part IV

Yesterday (Thur) we packed up our suitcases and headed south, I think south, maybe west, it's hard to tell around here. Anyway, we're in New Jersey.

Like many of the other motherhouses in the area we saw the college first before finding the convent. And like all of the other motherhouses we were warmly greeted upon arrival. We learned some history, had a tour of the motherhouse, and met a number of sisters. The difference on this tour than the others is that we were followed around by what I'm going to refer to as the Caldwell paparazzi. We then had Mass and lunch with the sisters. From there we saw their newest building for sister housing and after a rare moment of down time we quickly saw some sisters in the infirmary.

It's been interesting to hear and see the unique viewpoints of the Regensburg tree

We got to meet the sister who made these beautiful windows (the picture does not do them justice)

The same sister designed the tabernacle
It was windy this morning

From Caldwell we drove to Summit to see the nuns there. We met with almost all of the nuns (even the dog) and chatted for quite some time. Somehow it seems appropriate that at the monastery we were the least rushed. Admittedly it was because there are fewer sisters and no tour but it was nice to slow down. We were then invited to join the nuns for rosary and vespers. As with all of the visits, it was quick but a great experience (and since I'm currently writing this post and not Quincy you can all be rest assured I did not stay in Summit).

After Vespers with Sr. Mary Martin

The choir board
Larger view of the stalls

The altar

Of course the front door
From Summit we headed back to Caldwell where we joined sisters, faculty, and students in watching Band of Sisters. We also heard a presentation about an oral history project the students are doing with the sisters. And as long as they had some novices present we fielded some questions about why we decided to take the path we are on currently.

A good night's sleep and now for more driving. Headed back west and we are down to only two more motherhouses; next stop Akron.

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  1. Nicole and Quincy,
    Thank you for your "grand tour summary." It gives a nice glimpse of your experience as well as we can get familiar with places (in case we have not yet been there.) I appreciate your travelog, i find it inspiring, educational and entertaining. I bet Regina will love discussing all the facts AND fun facts you have learned during this trip. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a safe trip home, and it was great to see you. Thank you for visiting us. Blessings, Bea