Sunday, November 20, 2011

God of Grace,
You humbled yourself, and became human
To show me even more how I can become like you.
In your humanness, you wept.
Selfishly, I wanted more.

God of Patience,
You lead me, though at times in my stubbornness,
I do not go.
I choose not to let go of what is tangible,
what is here.
But you patiently wait.
And in my heart, I wonder,
why can’t I just be comfortable with the question?

God of Light,
when darkness surrounds me,
please find the smallest crack
in my dryness to let your Light in.
Remind me to challenge the darkness,
and to not be comfortable in my own
understanding, but to strive for
something more.

God of Discernment,
I sit with Jesus in His Garden, and
in my heart, I wonder,
did Jesus ask if it was “really” time?
Did He wonder if He had done “enough”?
Did He think there was still more to do?

God of Acceptance,
I pray my hands will be strong,
and that my heart with long
to reach for the cup You lovingly want to give.
Help me to be comfortable with the question.
Help me sit with the emptiness of not having the answer.
You will tell me,
and only then will I know.

God of New Beginnings,
as the earth loosens around me,
help me to trust in the life that is to come.
I will be trampled.
I will be parched at times.
I will be overwatered.
But through it all, You will be with me.
You will make Your presence known.
In You will I grow.
With You, will I seek.
Through You, I will find my home.



  1. Very moving, Chris. It certainly is a prayer many lips can (and have) murmured at various times in life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful prayer for reflection. Thank you for sharing with us!
    Michelle Sherliza, OP
    Chris McManus, OP
    Watertown, MA

  3. Thank you for sharing your prayer, Chris.
    It touched my heart and expressed experiences of my own life along the way....
    A companion on the journey, Renee, OP