Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holy Saturday

Throughout my ministry education and career I have heard that the Liturgical Calendar of the Church often will not match the season that any particular person in the pew is experiencing. I have never known that to be truer than the last couple months. According to the Church we are nearing the end of Ordinary Time. In my life I have been traveling through Lent and Holy Week. It has been a time of stripping away old behaviors and ways of knowing and being. It has focused on introspection and self-reflection. It has been an individual journey alongside others making individual journeys that sometimes converge for support and fellowship. It has been a time away from the usual life, the typical life, the known life.
About a month ago, I entered Holy Week as I was dealing with medical issues along with the inner work that is expected in the Novitiate. Knowing and preparing for the something important that was coming while also trying to stay focused on what was going on in the present. Experiencing many emotions and changes. This last week has taken me through Good Friday and I am currently in Holy Saturday. I journeyed through the desert and the dying and I am now waiting in the in-between for the Resurrection. Honoring the past and also looking to the future while trying to stay present.

As I write this, it all sounds well and good, and like I have accomplished a great deal… but I know I will be traveling through this Lenten and holy season again this year. I have only been here for 2 ½ months and there will be many more chances to die to myself and look toward the new life to come.

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