Saturday, January 28, 2017

January Highlights!

It is hard to believe that not so long ago we welcomed 2017 and now have the opportunity to reflect on the adventures of the New Year. Our January has been very active and memorable.  Following are some of the highlights of the first month of the year.

We hope you enjoy!

Our fellow ICN Brother Thuan and Sister Cecilia introduced us to the celebration of the Lunar New Year or TET! It was beautiful to learn the background of the celebration and experience the beauty of the traditional outfits, the blessing tree, among other items. As an added lagniappe, Daughter of Charity sisters, Michelle and Kara, made a delicious Mardi Gras King Cake and Sister Kelly found the “baby”! Overall the celebration and gathering was lovely and very educational.

Part of our novitiate experience includes study and learning about the foundations of religious life in the United States. We began the semester learning about our congregational roots and presented out findings to our class.  Sister Cecilia treated us to a show and tell of her congregation with a habit used many years ago and books from the archives! We also had the opportunity to celebrate our professor, Sister Regina, on her recent birth day!

We were very fortunate to conclude 2016 with an invigorating Dominican panel on study. The panel was part of a series of conversations with our Dominican family regarding the Four Dominican Pillars.  As we concluded the series, we had the opportunity to gain valuable insight from Dominican Brothers Keven Stephens and Brian John Zuelke and Dominican Sisters Carla Mae Streeter and Georgiana Stubner. We are very grateful for the conversation and awareness as it provided a detail understanding regarding study in the Dominican Life and it propelled us to embrace the new year with the desire to learn and search for the truth.
Sr. Megan McElroy, O.P., Br. Kevin Stephens, O.P., Sr. Carla Mae Streeter, O.P., Sr. Joye Gros, O.P., Br. Brian Zuelke, O.P., Sr. Katherine Frazier, Sr. Georgiana Stubner, O.P., Sr. Ana Gonzalez and Sr. Margaret Uche 

We have the lovely tradition to celebrate our community.  As we started the New Year, we began with the festive celebration of Katherine! 

During the month of January we had the opportunity to enjoy the company and sisterhood of fellow religious women in the area.  Among the joyful encounters we meet up with our sisters at the St. Louis Giving Voice gathering and some of us participated in the Women’s March on St. Louis. 

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  1. Well done and many thanks! We so enjoyed this "creative presentation" of your January Highlights at the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate. Please know that you continue to be remembered in our prayers each day!
    Michelle and Chris