Sunday, January 15, 2017

Oh The Places You Will Go!

I can hardly believe that a week ago we welcomed the New Year and celebrated the feast of Epiphany.   Just eight days ago on January 8, the three Dominican novices journeyed back to the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate after our month long visit to our home congregations and a family.  Just like the three Magi, we three novices hit the road on the way to our continued spiritual journey at the CDN.

Sr. Nancy Garson, OP 
As indicated during our last Sunday readings, the three Wise Magi traveled following light of the star of Bethlehem searching for the Savior.  To their surprise instead of a wealthy king, at their arrival they found a humble family and a vulnerable child.  I believe that when Mathew states that “they departed for their country by another way,” he is pointing out the conversion embraced by the Magi after they got to know the Savior. The Magi encountered the unexpected and were transformed!

The readings and celebration of Epiphany resonated with me deeply as I am currently in a journey seeking to deepen my relationship with God.  Last August I embarked on a literal and spiritual journey where I am discovering new paths, insights and know that I will not return the same way as I came!

 Sisters and Associates from Akron, Ohio making a delivery to the
homeless during the Christmas Season. 
The short visit to my home congregation in Akron and with my family highlighted my transformation and the transformation of those around me.  I was touched and very grateful when Sister Nancy Garson, archivist for the Dominican Sisters of Peace, took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Margaret and me of the journey embarked by the Dominican Sisters of Peace.  Sister Nancy was very purposeful in pointing out the movement of our history; while short it has deep roots.  The narrative was filled with stories of women who were invited to follow God to the uncertain.  In their call they were transformed by their journey.  At the same time, our foremothers, our wise women, became lights that illuminated the path for future generations to follow.

An unexpected surprise came to me while one of our Akron Sisters was embracing the end of her earthy journey and was preparing to greet God.  As Sister Doreen geared up to conclude her earthy journey, I was amazed by her letting go and the love of those in the Akron community who were providing companionship during the difficult process. Without knowing it, she was a light of faith to me, as well as the Akron sisters were a testimony of compassion and mercy.

I was very fortunate to visit my home congregation during the Christmas season and experience my personal journey and transformation. I was fortunate to be attentive to the wise women who traveled before me following the light of faith, and those around me who are wisdom figures, setting an example and illuminating me.

Now I and my companions are back in our journey of discovery and transformation. We will continue to search for God and continue our spiritual, personal and Dominican development.  I ask for your prayers and support as we follow the light, the way during our novitiate journey. 


  1. Qué el Espíritu de Dios quede contigo! Sorry I couldn't get to Akron while you were there!

    1. Querida Hermana!!! Muchas gracias por sus bellos deseos! I am certain that we will be able to touch basis soon! Sending much love and it was great to see you in Columbus!

  2. May your journey as Women seeking wisdom continue to be guided by our shining star Jesus. Peace,