Friday, January 20, 2017

Pledge for Peace

As we novices begin this second semester of the New Year I was asked about my hope for this New Year. Of course I hope for a successful semester. But as a novice of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, I am compelled now more than ever to pray and promote an environment of peace in our world that is so threatened with violence. 

This last Sunday the pastor of our church in his homily spoke about Martin Luther King and he urged us to make a pledge to commit ourselves the best as we can to peace and nonviolence. In the pledge I was reminded that making peace must start within me,
and that I must respect my self and others, forgive and encourage reconciliation with others, respect and care for the environment, and to challenge violence in all its forms wherever I encounter it. He reminded us that Jesus is the ultimate example of peace and love. He urged us to become nonviolent and peaceable people even in difficult times.

Inspired by this pledge, I am reminded of Jesus words in John’s Gospel, “peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”

My prayer and hope for this New Year is that we all commit ourselves as best as we can to be instruments of God’s peace with those we meet and for our world in need.


  1. Margaret.
    Thank you for sharing this his important reminder with us all!

  2. Wonderfully stated, Margaret! Yes, "peace must start with me" is my hope and prayer as well. Have a great semester!

  3. Thank you Margaret, for this excellent reminder of the importance of our role in Being, Building, and Preaching Peace! Blessings on the upcoming semester!


  4. Margaret, this is an invitation and reminder that cannot be repeated enough. Thank You!
    Peace on your journey!